A few of my favorite things

Let's start this hump day with a few of my favorite things!
First up is my awesome wood watch from JORD. I can't even begin to tell you how nice it is to have a REAL watch again (and not having to use my phone for the time). Today is the last day to enter to win one for yourself! JORD is offering up a $75 gift certificate to their entire shop + everyone who enters to win receives a $20 e-voucher that can be applied to any JORD watch! Click the link below to enter or check out my previous post to see more pretty photos!!


How to create a photo slider for your blog

If you've been around here for a little while, you've probably seen my blog change time and time again. I use a Blogger blog format, which is FREE!, and I've been really happy with all the available customizations and options on this free format! My sweet friend, Magda, initially helped me fancy up my blog and over the years, I've researched and read and learned just a weeee bit of code to help make my blog the way I want it!


Scout + Isla

Twins! We have twins. No, not real twins (although I pray to the baby gods every night we would "accidentally" end up with twins...ooooohh...or maybe triplets! Could you imagine??). But in the meantime, our twins are coming in a stuffed fashion. Their names are Scout + Isla and they are precious. 


Project 52: Week 33 & 34

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."
Week 33
Anna: flying high
Drew: giggles + spit


If you give a mom a cookie...

So I have to admit that I'm a closet sweet-a-holic. By closet, I mean, I tend to sneak into the closet (or pantry) and gobble up all of the sweets. Because, you know, "KIDS, sweets aren't good for you....". Come on. Who else is with me? I know I'm not the only one "looking" for something in the pantry (while you're really just trying to chew and swallow as fast as you can without getting caught!).